The Whole Universe is a Second

Oh no, I’m not getting enough time.

God! I forgot to do it, I was busy.

I didn’t have some time to do it.

Do I have to do all those stuffs in one frikin day?

Oh! C’mon guys, please, take all those sh*t out your damn mind. No one have enough time. After all we all got only one F*****G second

Okay, first, trust me I’m not on weeds or goose or any other white powder whatever you call it.

So, tell me this, what do you exactly think about the time?

Is it 24 x 365 because the mom earth circles her boyfriend sun with a Sufi dance in that while?


Or you nerd! Think it like it is the space-time curved over the earths mass?


Oh, shut up you both, I’m almost fed up with you guys.

I say, there is no space-time. Hey! No, I know that face, Just look at me, I’m pretty serious, there is no space-time. And you, looking at me with that face, wait for it.

You Are Not Real …

But I’m pretty sure that I’m real, because I’m Bob, I’m feel sorry for you guys.

But trust me You are not real, not even single one is real in here, not even single thing is real in here. I should say, all these is an illusion.

C’mon I’m not on a Musk vibe to tell we’re on a simulation, I say it’s an illusion. There’s no water, no lands, no trees and not even a universe is there as we see. What we see is us.

Hey I meant what you see is you and you and you and you only. From the mom you see on your so-called first cry, to the device you have on your hands, everything is you. And here comes the best part.

Everything is just a second …

So, reality? Wait, what is it? Please no, don’t.

Call it virtuality.

Let me tell you a story, Just imagine. A universe. No, no, not that one. Wipe out that dump video which have some freaky shiny superstars all over a black room with some fan babes circling around. Oh! No! I hate those dumb****s, take it out please.

Let’s go white, a white infinite space. And a lot of thousands of billions of blue light spots running without any manners, without any direction and with full joy. I call it minions, in fact they mostly like them.

I introduce you Bob and Todd, those two cute light spots. Hey I forgot to tell ya, our minions usually don’t hit each other, not a matter of manners, but as they are of same energy, and they repel whenever they come close, well, Just a matter of same poles repel, thanks to 7th std physics teacher.

But Bob and Todd, maybe of some genetic disorders they were not the same.

BOB - Have a few more shining, so a little more energetic than others.

TODD - Depressed? No, he is a little shy in fact and a little less energetic in schools.

Schools? No, for us kids, the whole universe is a school right?

Well, As Bob is very active, he started hitting others since he was born. Which made him go faster and grow on each hit. Must be because he is getting charge from each hit.

On the other side, trillions away, our poor little Todd started getting hit by others. And that made him go faster and yeah grow as well.

At some point, Todd and Bob became bigger than others, and this time Others started getting hit by Todd.

When this comes all the way along, they are started adding others they hit to them. Hmm, were they making their teams?

And yeah each hit make them faster, bigger and attractive.

Let me tell you a theory of them, when a two light spots hit together with super speed, there will be a blast for a moment.

Yeah, I know that smile, you got me where I’m going right?

So Bob and Todd, with full speed from trillions far, finally got into a Boooooooommmmmmmmm


That was our moment, that booom create a tiny black spot just for a moment. Maybe Bob or Todd where went nuts on the impact and had a dream like it? Whatever it only lasts a second.

Wait a second, second? No look deeper, that black spot, no way, is it having layers?


Yeah, honestly, those layers are us, no it’s me, oh no it is you. Your reality, no, virtuality. You live there. There, everything is you, just you. Your time is just a second in parallel, you live all your life with one second bound multiple virtualities, okay I surrender I call it reality.

You are not getting born, you are not dying, you are not eating, you are not enjoying, not stressing, not loving and not even living for more than a second. Here, everything is you.

Ask me: you mean, you?
Me: Yes Bob, it’s you. Even though Todd was smaller for you, he was ten times faster than you, and he will make it through you in a second. He already made his way, and that’s why you are dreaming over a black spot, your so-called reality which is parallelly bound into a second. When that second pass, everything is gone forever, and gone in white. Pure bright white.

Don’t rush now on. Live each seconds of the life as we don’t have another second ahead, and keep in mind, that we are all Bob.

Yeah, let me clear my point again. But these are not completely my words, but I didn’t get any better.

Live like there is no tomorrow. Love like there is no Strangers.



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